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Monday, December 10, 2007

GSG Special Edition: Holiday Travel

Hello, all you great geek survivalists out there.

With the holidays here, and people traveling hither and yon to be with family and loved ones, I thought it might be a good chance to share some hopefully useful tips for a change. Hence, here's some things I've found recently to make my cell phone both a podcast catching portable drive AND an e-book reader. Who needs that expensive Amazon Kindle now? (Okay, it would be pretty sweet) Also, a quick word on travel and gaming, some suggestions for both old school and newer handheld gaming, and a car game (or any time game) you may or may not get a kick out of.

Show notes this time are right here...

First, you need reading material! GSG recommends: and
You'll also need the Tequila Cat Book Reader, and a cell phone that supports Java.

PODCAST TRICKS... and, or find many other quality podcasts at
Also,'s Audible Air, if you have a huge data package. That totally didn't sound right.
That link takes you to the Java version of Audible Air, there are other versions here.

PROMO: EXTRA POINTS, and Doug at Geek Acres Loves Us!

Do you really need this? Okay...
In all seriousness,
FFTA and FFVI are awesome.
Other Nintendo games can be found by entering the game name as a search term at Google.
And, of course, Boticelli

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