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Saturday, August 23, 2008

GSG Special Edition: Playing for Keeps and Super-Villains

Welcome again, to another special episode of Geek Survival Guide.

If you've been paying attention to Mur Lafferty's "Playing for Keeps" podcast/PDF's/novel, you know that this Monday, the 25th, is the official day to purchase PfK from and help get Mur some much deserved exposure.

And in an effort to assist her with that, she asked me for a special episode of GSG, which was released in her Stories of the Third Wave feed.

This is that episode. If you're not familiar with Mur or her works, she's definitely worth a look. Check out, where for a limited time, you can get a PDF copy of the full Playing for Keeps book for free, and if you like it, share it, talk it up, and buy a copy on August 25th, 2008.


Download GSGSuperVillains.mp3