How will you survive when aliens attack? Or vampires? Or werewolves? Or vampire werewolves? Geek Survival Guide seeks to point you to the best information to keep you and your loved ones alive during the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Good luck!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

GSG Episode 0 - Basics

Welcome to the first episode of GSG - Episode 0 - Basics. In this episode, I establish my bona fides, and some basic geek survival concepts.

Next episode should be out on June 30th - Zombies.

Notes for this show are found at: My Google Notebook.

Download GSG Episode 0

Monday, June 12, 2006

Welcome to Geek Survival Guide

Here I'll be doing a podcast, hopefully every other week, where I explore one geeky threat to our survival. What would you do if Martians really DID attack? How would you cope with giant radioactive Japanese Monsters? What can you do if you really do live in a nice neighborhood - except for all the #$* #@$% vampires? This is the podcast for you - so you don't wind up as an unfortunate red-shirted crewman, or a camp counselor at Crystal Lake. Remember... Cliché kills.

Our first cast should be up shortly - so keep a look out.