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Thursday, June 15, 2006

GSG Episode 0 - Basics

Welcome to the first episode of GSG - Episode 0 - Basics. In this episode, I establish my bona fides, and some basic geek survival concepts.

Next episode should be out on June 30th - Zombies.

Notes for this show are found at: My Google Notebook.

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Deidzoeb said...

Episode zero got me laughing right away and kept me laughing. I've been trying to think of a sci-fi menace to suggest for your consideration, but you've already mentioned zombies, robots and things I wouldn't have come up with. How about a conspiracy episode? -- for the time when you find out your paranoia is well-founded. You could cover a little Body Snatchers territory, a little X-files, a little Mel Gibson "Conspiracy Theory", a little Will Smith - "Enemy of the State". Maybe even The Truman Show? How to escape from the complex where a conspiracy of people has imprisoned you. There's an awesome old sci-fi book by Piers Anthony called Race Against Time in which a few people realize they're living in a manufactured environment because of some manipulative people. Whether a person struggles against the CIA or freemasons or aliens, some of the techniques may be the same.

Just an idea to kick around. The topic might be a little too broad.

I'm a big fan of your Captain Blood reading on LOR, and I'll probably try Princess of Mars eventually. Keep up the good work!


BIRD KIDS 'R US said...

It's good maybe to good. Are you working with the goverment to brainwash the youth of america. when you own the youth you own the future.