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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

GSG Special Report 2 - Bad Movies

After a particularly jarring example of Bad Movie I sat through earlier today, I was inspired to create the following special report. While typically I am a very, very forgiving lover of genre, today I found myself wanting to get up and get out of a particular film. Bad. The only reason I stayed is because I was waiting for a delivery to be made to the local EB Games (Darn Ship Date vs. Release Date confusion). So I found myself watching a horrible movie from beginning to stultifying end.


If only I'd had the foresight to prepare a Kung Fu Bingo Sheet!

Here, Friends! Arm yourselves with knowledge!

Download GSGSpecial Report 2.


Jindai said...

Catching up on the older episodes, I found this little gem. I was, however, upset that you feel it your duty to only inform 2 people, expecting the domino effect will eventually get to your listeners. I cannot be sure of that efficacy, as I have been warned of various bad movies, but I can't be sure it was the one YOU referred to. Why do you feel it fair to make a general warning to your loyal listeners, and not get into the specifics? Do you find us less worthy than your friends that will help you move, for example? I want to be able to avoid ALL bad movies, not just those that luck would have me informed of. If you have information, SHARE! It's your duty as a geek!

Zach said...

Good point, Jindai. I was actually a little worried that mentioning the movie in the podcast would even further reduce the audience. I realize that's kind of the point, but still.
If you look closely at the "Bad Movie Bingo" sheet I mocked up, you'll see the rather odd "You Killed My Elephant" entry. Which could only be filled by the Tony Jaa neutron bomb known as "The Protector". Oy, what a bad movie. I like Tony Jaa. He's an incredible martial artist, and I think he'll do well with better scripts and direction in the future, but this movie was just fantastically, wonderfully, horrifyingly bad. Sigh.