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Monday, March 05, 2007

GSG Special Report 3 - Pirates

Yes, it finally happened. I waited so long to post an episode, I've been taken over by the dreaded Podcast Pirate. He stops by to give me some friendly - ahem - encouragement, and give a couple of tips for surviving encounters with his piratical brethren.

Look for a regular episode in a week or so, and in the meantime, I'll be imbibing freely - of orange juice, of course.


Download GSGSpecial Report 3


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I do want to say that I certainly sympathize. I've been getting thru my podcast on "special episodes" (sounds so much better than "filler," doesn't it?) since the holidays.

Just wanted to say thank ye for posting, matey.

glindros said...

Thanks I love your show. I know everyone will complain about frequency, but I'd rather have quality(at least every other month would be nice though).

Some ideas for shows, might be Homicidal toys such as Chuckie, ventriliquist dummies. Also the apocolypse, Surviving the mall at Christmas time, and of course Girl Scouts selling cookies.

Thanks again for the hard work I love the show

Anonymous said...

Yay, please come back, I just discovered your awesome podcast.

You going to SXSW?