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Thursday, July 19, 2007

GSG11 - Body Snatchers!

Yes, yes, yes. It's another episode. Yay!

Although, I had a hard time with this one - it really looked like the Kobayashi Maru of Geek Survival Episodes.

Anyway, enjoy!

Download GSG11_BodySnatchers.mp3

Invasion of the Body Snatchers at IMDB
Or if you prefer Nimoy...

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are back with the new episode, buddy!

r2 said...

It's great to have you back. I already downloaded the new episode and, though I've not yet listened it, I'm sure it'll be great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the latest GSG.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to thank you so much for your advice on body snatcher evasion. I went to see "Invasion" tonight and because I had listened to your sage advice, I was prepared with Twinkies. My friends and I ate our Twinkies but that is totally beside the point. We did advise all those on screen to throw Twinkies at appropriate times but they of course, did not pay attention to those of us who were definately better prepared.

Thanks for a fun podcast. I look forward to your explanation of why in all teen horro flicks, it is the impossibly cute, popular kids that get killed by the maniacle slasher when they're having sex. I mean, it is a sure give away that having sex as a teenager will get you killed. Someone should put that in the next health class they teach in school.