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Sunday, November 25, 2007

GSG 13 - Bigfoot

Welcome to another episode of Geek Survival Guide. Today, we address something that strikes a little closer to home, the ominous threat of Bigfoot. Also, some interesting listener feedback.

Bigfoot - imaginary figment of drunk college frat-boys, or strange visitor from another world? You be the judge! And just in case, this week's show notes are chock full of news and information re: the hairy menace. As always, the notes are at this Google Notebook.


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Arturo said...

A great and informative episode. Next time I visit the countryside I'll remember to resemble a strange amalgam of a Japanese tourist and a paparazzi.

Tough I'd like to know if the hypothesis of famous scientist Mitch Hedberg regarding Bigfoot being an "out of focus monster" has any truth to it.

Anonymous said...

Hiya. I have been having fun listening to your podcasts for the last few hours.

Anyway I had an idea for an episode.

What about tips on how to survive in a dystopian society like in 1984 or perhaps the handmaid's tale or any others you can think off.

Keep up the good work on this podcast and I'll be looking forward to the next episode