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Sunday, February 17, 2008

GSG 15 - Giant Robots

This episode contains references to:
Gundam (Particularly SEED and SEED:Destiny)
Power Rangers of all kinds
Hostess Snack Cakes
Iron Man, the Movie
and features occasional dimly heard remarks made by my wife that I just couldn't edit out.

Also, feedback.

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Download GSG15.mp3


janzantinga said...

Look forward to listening to it! The only disappointment that you ever give me is having to wait so long for a new episode.

Scott Harrison said...

New Jersey is also a very dangerous place to live if you fear being trampled on, blown up by or otherwise killed horribly and painfully by a Giant robot car controlled by an overweight wrestling fan gamer. But remember

"I dig giant robots,
you dig giant robots,
chicks dig giant robots.
nice." - MegasXLR.

Viv said...

Very good episode, and I loved hearing wifey, too!

Keep up the great work, the whole family enjoys the podcast!

Take care!
-Viv from ITB