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Sunday, January 04, 2009

GSG 20 - Black Magic

Welcome back, faithful listeners, to another episode of GSG. Short episode this time.

We'll be discussing various defenses against Black Magic.
1. Good Manners.
2. Lightboxes.
3. Positive Thinking and Visualization.
4. DIY Spell Removal. And Candle Making instructions.
5. Do a Good Deed. And afterwards, enjoy a treat. Or two.
6. Hire a professional hex-breaker. (YMMV)

Next time - Insect Infestations.

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Until next time, this is GSG reminding you to keep your head down, and your dice handy.


Download GSG20.mp3

1 comment:

Brian said...

I'm so excited that you've put out another episode! I honestly haven't listened to it yet since, for some reason, my feed into Zune came up with a two-minute long show so I had to download directly, but there's a new GSG! Doesn't matter if I've listened yet or not. Your work, style and wit are, and always will be, greatly appreciated. Awesome.