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Saturday, November 14, 2009

NaNoWriMo Weekend Update #2

Because Doug Rapson is THE MAN... here's the second Weekend Update brought to you by GSG Quick Tips.

In this episode I get to sit back and listen to Doug Rapson over at Geek Acres regale us about... me? Really? Maybe this will give us some context... (incidentally, do you have your copy of 7th Son: Descent yet? Why the heck not?)


UPDATE: I spaced adding the actual ep. Doh! Thanks to a commenter for the prod!

Download gsg_NWu02.mp3.


lianneb said...

Where *is* weekend update 2? It never went out in the podcast, and I see no place to download it here.

Zach said...

Sorry 'bout that. I did everything on the post but add the ep link... It should be fixed now.

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