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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

GSG Special Episode: 2010 Kickoff!

Big plans. Big plans. Maybe a big head on me. Yikes.

Anyway, this isn't comedy - it's another of those "meta" episodes that turns up from time to time here, where we step out from behind the curtain and discuss where I see us headed over the next little bit. That bit being between now and April. Anyway, not everyone will enjoy this. If this isn't your bag, maybe you wanna try Phil Rossi's Eden?

Anyway, enjoy my rambling, self-absorbed, pretentious twaddle, if you care to try! Oh, and the cover art is the Bad Movie Bingo Sheet for Avatar. I think that'd be a bit harder to pull for Sherlock Holmes... but I could probably do it.

Download GSGSpecial2010Kickoff.mp3


CelticGoddess13 said...

iTunes is being silly - could you please post the Bad Movie Bingo for Avatar as a PDF or something else I can enlarge - I can't read the bitty text on my iPhone screen.

Lizzy said...

I am so glad to get GSG on a regular basis. And I'm so glad you are giving us more of your time. I don't know how much support you're hearing, but hey, good job man. Great job.