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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

GSG NaNoWriMo 2010 Day 16 - Sticking With It, and Stickying Things Up

Day 16. 26,672 words.

According to Tobias Buckell (, author of Crystal Rain, Sly Mongoose, The Executioness, etc), about 22% of those who begin NaNoWriMo finish the month with 50,000 words. The rest of them sort of fade away.

And I'm sure the percentage of those folks who do finish, and then keep writing, is probably at or lower than 22% or that 22%. But if this is something you're plugging away at, don't get discouraged. Don't get disappointed. If you're not making it, but you still want to write, you don't have to wait for November 2011 to do that. Start a blog. Start a podcast. Write some non-fiction. But do keep at it if it's something you enjoy.

How are you enjoying that FlagShip? Good stuff, eh?

Download Day 16.

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