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Monday, March 30, 2009

GSG25 - Keeping the Geeky Flame Alive

All geeks have been told at one time or another to "grow up" and leave their geeky pursuits behind. To those, hopefully we say "POPPYCOCK!" or something else that brings the right message and doesn't get us beat up. This episode we discuss...

Everyone's geeky about something, be it Imperial Star Destoyers, the 1956 Brooklyn Dodgers, the difference between the Nebula and Galaxy class Federation cruisers, and Mary I.

We get a kind word from Doug at GeekAcres.

Also, we discuss learning restraint when evangelizing your flavor of geek, as well as the appropriate place for persistance. And Gundam Wing. And AI Lego Tanks.

Check your local hobby shops for cases and storage solutions for geeky things that may be running into all available space. And that's it.


Download GSG25.mp3

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Susan Z said...

Once again, your show fills me with geeky glee. I'm so glad you're putting these out more often. Moar content, plz. Moar!i