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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

GSG26 - Big Brother

Remember what I was saying in the promo notes about being a paranoiac? I WASN'T KIDDING.

Tonight's episode references...
The Incredible Hulk.
The Dark Knight.

Now, get ready to enjoy. Paranoid delusions? You're SOAKING IN IT!

Download GSG26.mp3


nateums said...

listening to your cast, just something... fed doesn't need a subpoena or warrant any longer under the patriot act. they can access all the info without your consent and circumvent federal channels in the name of protective actions against terrorism. everything from your phone records and internet history to your credit card/debit purchases and you bank account activity.

but of course they'd never use it wrongly. of course not. i don't believe that. why would they? it's silly nonsense.

Zach said...

That's a good start, but it fails to really capture the paranoia. Try this.

"The lack of a subpoena to access something like a phone call has actually been going on since the Clinton administration, when they instituted the Echelon program. At one point, while I was at college, every time I called home I would work the word 'plutonium' into the conversation, just so the secret service would have to start listening in."

But of course I agree that they'd never use that information wrongly. Ha, ha, ha, ha. I mean, especially now that we've gotten rid of the war on terror and terrorists. It's so much more comforting now that we're dealing with an overseas contingency operation fighting man-made disasters.

Incidentally, we have always been at war with Oceania.

It's such a good point, I think I'll have to include it on the next cast. Thanks for the comment, nateums!

nateums said...

loti (laugh on the inside), my new acronym because I have to loti instead of lol in case big brother is listening.

that and lol never made sense to me anyway.

Rach said...

Hi. cool episode. If I remember rightly England has more CCTV cams then anywhere else in the world.

And I've also heard that the goverment is keeping tabs on every phone call, email, web search etc etc although I doubt they would look though all of it I'm assuming that they are looking for certian keywords like terrorist, bombs, kill Gordon Brown and the like.

Which might mean that this comment might get flagged hopefully they will see it in context.

Keep up the great work! :D