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Monday, May 04, 2009

GSG Special Edition: Ask GSG!

Tonight, a bunch of questions from all over the place, done in a different style.

First: Where to order chocodiles.
Second: Physical Projects, Mental Projects, and companionship. Twinkies are more durable than Fruit Pies.
Surviving a Con. Hey, maybe you could donate at to help Zach research that very thing?

So You Want to Rear a Half-Breed?
Dice Make Bonk
Also, Evernote.

Killer dolls: Look for the "Good/Evil" switch. (UPDATE): And the Flamethrower link again, because I love it. (END UPDATE)
Star Trek Engineers and the proximity technobabble protection they may or may not provide.

Surviving a Con (again)
Bruce Campbell
Gotham City
Zombie Hordes. Hey, haven't we covered that?

Thanks for listening. If you can't donate, maybe you could burn a cd of your favorite three episodes and start leaving it at random places. Starbucks, bookstores, anywhere.

Our promo this week is from Great Hites. Check out the writing prompts, and submit your stories!
Next week, back to regular form. This week, Enjoy!

Download AskGSGSpecial.mp3

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