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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

GSG Special Live from Balticon: BetterThanGutCheckAcresGuide

Howdy, everyone. I survived Balticon, but before the official "How To Survive A Con" episode which should be out later this week, I thought you might enjoy something MA in the PA recorded between herself, me, my partner in crime Doug Rapson, and Mistress Jett. It's not meant as comedy, though parts may be amusing. (directly after recording this, I wound up playing Pokemon with all three of them and four or five kids who got REALLY excited when they saw the DS's out). So, if you're looking for the regular GSG-style shenanigans, skip this one, and we'll get you taken care of later this week. If you're curious about cons, though...

You can catch MA on Better Late than Never, Doug on GeekAcres and the GutCheckCast (with me), and Mistress Jett providing voices in various projects.


Download BetterThanGutCheckAcresGuide.mp3.

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Robert Provins said...

how about a show about how to survive being pulled into a comic book or cartoon world?
particularly thinking about Bugtown