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Sunday, August 09, 2009


This post contains the PDF template for Bad Movie Bingo, and the notes I took for Transformers 2. (ugh)

Show begins - Pretty. Petter Cullen rocks.
Strike Team + Autobats = Cool.
Racial Stereotypes. Inappropriate Parent Comedy.
More clothes please.
Oh - a Gremlins-like kitchen sequence. Bumblebee - reduced to family pet.
Yeah, let's give that super-dangerous shard thing to the girlfriend and NOT WARN HER.
Megan Fox gets her own Bad Movie Bingo square.
Kitten Calendars? Really?
Crass language... a Jawa Report poster?
Oh, hey, look. Nanobots!
Surprisingly bloody. Co-ed skanks. This is entertainment? I can tell why (a friend) hated this.
Octopi at the bottom of the Laurentian Abyssal?
It is a pretty movie. Dwight Schrute!
Nobody hears the Decepticon? The obnoxious, foul-mouthed Decepticon?
Girlfriend comes in as crazy girl attacks. That's a square.
Oh, here's a reference to another really bad movie. When you're making Species references, you're one bad movie.
Kid screams like a girl.
Bumblebee can't be called on a cell phone? Pretty does not equal good.
Human life - like Lay's or M&M's, no one can stop with just one.
Game changer - no more disguises.
Lots of blowing stuff up.
Robots + Prophecies... really?
Tyrese - horribly misused.
John Turturro is... ugh. Self-tazing slapstick.
Where'd those cop cars come from, and why are they chasing them?
Military not obeying orders.
Michael Bay attempts romance.
Sideways Plane - People inside not sideways.
Everyone comes to the crazy temple.
More Bumblebee - less twins, please.
Robots look for millenia - Sam finds in 1 day.
Parents have to go - Girlfriend not so much.
Bay is consistently pro-US Military, at least.
US Militar takes out Devastator, and many more Decepticons.
"Autobot Heaven"
Michael Bay is an emotion manipulating hack.
Stabbing Robots with with things (all sparks, matrix of leaderships, etc) is good.
Punching THROUGH a bad guy is also cool.

1 comment:

David from NO said...

You forgot that didn't those "Primes" look the dagger thing away using there bodies so no one could get to it yet somehow bumbles shoots through it like it's nothing.

Railgun could kill the giant robot that was just there to suck up dirt, but only a prime can kill the fallen.

God, it was such a bad movie. I don't know why I paid to go see it. Though soundwave was nice to see though he kinda just sat up there jamming stuff for some reason...

Time for a remake where the transformers are the stars and the humans get squashed.