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Monday, August 10, 2009


In which Zach explains how to enjoy GI Joe, and why it's impossible to enjoy Transformers 2.

Also, lots of crazy ranting.



David from NO said...

Great show.

TF2 summed up best in this lovely video, not safe for work or around kiddies. But it's funny as hell.

GIJOE: CC running around calling himself hte Doctor? While we have the Doctor playing Destro. o.O Yikes. I'll probably go see it for giggles on a school day where the kiddies won't be tehre to ruin it, not like the kiddies really hurt TF2 at all. They actually made it better by me not being able to hear the bad writing.

Same dude above did a review for it,

Love the podcast, keep up the great work. Let's wait and see what icon of our younger years gets raped next.

Brian said...

I am an admittedly die-hard TF fan but the fact that have seen this movie, and will probably buy it, makes me cry myself to sleep. It did have one upgrade from the first movie: more available robot time. This does not, however, take into account how said time was utilized. The mathematics of the actual versus the potential results in a negative increase. Hooray ILM, boo Michael Bay.

darren said...

Thanks Zak, I agree with the Transformers comments. But GI Joe was an enjoyable 2 hours for me at least.